Love Your Wardrobe - Style Service

Love Your Wardrobe - Style Service


It happens to all of us - we get stuck in a style rut, or spend most mornings staring at our wardrobe thinking ‘I have nothing to wear!’

Maybe your wardrobe doesn’t reflect your style anymore but you don’t know how to change it so it does. Maybe you have pieces in there that you love but don’t wear as much as you’d like to, but you’re not sure why. Or perhaps you just want to mix it up and find new ways to wear what you already have.

Whatever your wardrobe woes, get in touch to arrange a personalised wardrobe refresh to help you love your wardrobe again and get back to dressing and feeling like YOU!

This service runs over four weeks to allow you to process what we discuss, but the date we start working is flexible and can be tailored to your timetable - if you prefer face-to-face chats (Manchester based), worksheets, emails or Skype, we’ll come up with a plan together that means you get the most out of this service and are comfortable through every step.

Included in this service:

  • Your own personal style moodboard

  • Regular contact to discuss style dilemmas and direction

  • Outfit plans where relevant

Plus more, depending on what you want from this service. This is collaborative, I will be asking you questions and asking you to reflect on what we discuss each week. The more you give, the more you get from this!

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