Sustainable shopping introduction

Do you want to shop more sustainably but don’t know your way around a charity shop or vintage store? Let me take you on a tour of Manchester’s best pre-loved clothes stores - there’s no pressure to buy and no affiliation, just my personal favourites! Think of it like a tour of Manchester Independents, with some fun, facts and shopping thrown in!

We’ll start off pre-shopping trip by finding out what you’re looking for - do you just want a bit of a guide and a starting point? Or do you want to look for new items to fill a gap in your wardrobe?

Then on the day, we’ll meet, look round some selected stores I think you’ll enjoy, and if you see anything you like, I’ll help you work out how it can fit in to your lifestyle, as well as exploring different ways to style it up.

We’ll finish the day with a beverage in a local independent coffee shop and go over any additional questions you have!

wardrobe and styling

It happens to us all - we get stuck in a style rut and feel like our wardrobe just doesn’t reflect who we are anymore.

You might feel overwhelmed with the amount of clothes in your wardrobe - that familiar feeling of so many clothes, but nothing to wear!

Or you might feel like your wardrobe is missing a key piece that would make 10 other items more wearable.

Maybe you love everything in your wardrobe, but you feel like you need new ways to wear things to shake things up a bit?

Whatever your wardrobe woes, get in touch and I will offer a personalised wardrobe and style service to get you back to having fun with your clothes, and feeling like YOU again!


Introduction to sewing

In a 2 hour workshop, I will take you through the very basics of using a sewing machine.

I will guide you through each step from switching on the sewing machine, up to making your own tote bag. You will leave having learnt the basic skills and steps required to start your sewing journey with confidence!

Sew your own clothes

In a series of workshops, you can learn to understand a sewing pattern and what all the jargon means, moving on to making a piece of clothing using a vintage pattern (you can bring your own, or pick from my personal collection).