Welcome to Sew What MCR!

Welcome to Sew What MCR! Here's a little introduction to give you an idea of the values behind Sew What, and the journey I've been on to get here...

Sew What MCR is me - Anita. I live and work in Manchester, with a studio in Islington Mill, Salford - just a 15 minute walk from Spinningfields.

I have always been passionate about fashion and I love the entire process of making clothing - drafting pattern pieces from a design, choosing the fabric, cutting the pieces, sewing it all together and hand-sewing the final details. 

I am very much inspired by vintage styles and designs - from 1920s Art Deco to 1950s Dior. I aim to provide women with a modern take on these styles, so you get a wardrobe that is functional, stylish and has the kind of details that you won’t find anywhere else. I'm branching out into menswear and childrenswear too, so keep an eye out!

One of my favourite things about running Sew What MCR is getting to work with clients to make bespoke pieces of clothing - something made especially for them. Whether it’s for an event, or they feel that their current wardrobe is missing something specific, it’s so much fun working out what shapes, colours and fabrics each client likes, to then make them a garment that is absolutely unique and meets their individual needs.

The time and energy it takes to make this happen makes all the difference -  it's so exciting to know that no-one else has what you are wearing! 

I apply these same ideas to my ready-to-wear collections - I only buy the amount of fabric I need for one or two items at a time, meaning that each item is unique and won’t be made in that fabric again. Each item is hand-made by me and each piece is truly a labour of love. 

So, I hope you like my new website and new collection - browse the store, and feel free to email me if you if you see an item that you LOVE but it’s not in your size, or you want it in a different colour or pattern - let’s get your unique wardrobe started today!

Anita x